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Our Work

Our Creative Work Helps Our Clients Reach Their Business Objectives Faster And At A Lower Cost.

Our unique advertisements and visuals attract attention and make our clients stand out from the competition instantly. We create memorable imprints on prospects’ minds that inspire purchasing. People remember our visuals, our sales messages and our clients’ brands. We do not constantly need to be on the screen, in their face and nag them to buy. Several of our clients have seen radical increases in sales already from the first advertisement because prospects liked what they saw. They instantly understood our message and what our clients’ product could do for them. When prospects remember our messages, we can place advertisements with a lower frequency with the same or better result. Excellent creative work makes our clients save money on media expenses.

We place our clients advertisements and marketing content in the media that their targets use. We have access to the same commercial media that all progressive advertising agencies and marketing firms use. It’s our creative work that is different.

Our clients are leading product and technology companies that compete in highly competitive markets. Our creative work and marketing content increases the value of our clients’ companies. When we launch our advertising and marketing campaigns, it’s suddenly easy to see the value of our clients’ product, its features, competitive advantages and the value of the company. Financial groups and competitive companies have bought several of our clients’ companies because our work made it possible to clearly see the company’s value and the product’s growth potentials.

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Persson produces and markets handles for cardboard boxes. They also manufacture an industrial handle applicator that attaches their handles to cardboard boxes. Their customers are beverage companies, kitty litter and pet food producers, laundry detergent producers and other companies selling heavy products to consumers. The targets for their advertising and marketing campaigns are corporate buyers, decision makers and marketing executives within packaged goods companies, and decision makers and engineers within cardboard box manufacturing companies in North and South America. Also, for Persson’s end-user products, consumers are the target.

Pivatic makes automatic sheet metal manufacturing machines. They are the global technology leader within their market. The targets for the advertising campaigns and marketing content are C-level executives, purchasing managers, and technical and non-technical decision makers within sheet metal manufacturing corporations globally.

Zoom makes all terrain wheelchairs. The message is complex because the wheelchairs are paid for by donations. The targets for this specific campaign are military disabled veterans, families and friends, donators, medical and social organizations and professionals and veterans organizations.

Norma Group develops and produces connectors for gas and fluid systems. The targets for this campaign are technical and non-technical decision makers within the aerospace industry in the USA and Europe.

Alloc makes flooring products with mechanical locking systems. The targets for this campaign are consumers, purchasing managers and decision makers within the retail and distribution industry, as well as architects and floor installers in North America.

ABA makes high quality hose clamps for use in boats and ships in demanding salt water conditions. Our campaign targets consumers, boat owners, boat and ship builders, boat repair shops, and boat retail stores.

Parker is the leading global manufacturer of hydraulic systems and parts for use in everything from earth moving equipment to airliners. The targets for these advertisements are engineers, purchasing managers and decision makers within companies making earth moving machinery, construction machinery, trucks, and mining equipment.

Ursviken develops and builds large press brakes for plate forming. Ursviken is the global technology leader in its market. Our advertising and marketing campaigns target C-level executives, technical and non-technical decision makers, purchasing managers and engineers in metal manufacturing companies globally.

Caorle makes machines that simultaneously work both sides of crankshafts and camshafts for combustion engines. Caorle is the global technology leader within its market. The advertising campaign is targeting C-level executives, technical and non-technical decision makers and engineers in companies making engines for cars, trucks, construction equipment, earth moving machinery and more.

Pullmax makes fully automatic punch presses for plate metal forming. The targets for this advertising campaign are C-level executives, engineers, and technical and non-technical decision makers in plate metal manufacturing companies.

TetraPak is a food processing and food packaging company. The advertising and marketing campaign targets C-level executives, plant managers, technical and not-technical decision makers and purchasing managers within milk process and package companies.

EDM Department develops manufacturing methods for microscopic parts. The targets are technical and non-technical decision makers in companies that make aerospace technology, and medical equipment such as heart surgery tools, cameras, computers and digital devices. This advertisement was developed for industrial media to inform prospects that such services exist.

EUROBRAKE specializes in repairing industrial machinery. The targets for these advertisements and marketing content are engineers and plant managers in metal manufacturing companies.