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Chicago, Illinois USA


Orbit Advertising & Marketing is a top business-to-business advertising agency based in Chicago.

We serve mid-sized companies with smart marketing strategies, breakthrough creative advertising campaigns and marketing content at a lower cost than other high-end B2B agencies. We develop exceptionally creative work that is used in integrated multi-media campaigns nationally and internationally. We take on mid-sized companies that have difficulty penetrating their market and reach their full growth potential. Our services have a history of quickly increasing sales and market growth for new clients.

We develop clear and easy-to-understand advertising and marketing content that educates prospects with the information they need to know.

Our advertisements are carefully structured to provide targets with information that is light and easy-to-understand. We have technical know-how and can understand new and complex products and features. Within seconds, we can transform a doubtful prospect to a buying customer.

In the business-to-business market, trust is number one.

At Orbit Advertising & Marketing Inc., we have insight into corporate buyer’s purchasing processes, their needs and their expectations. A feeling of trust is a priority for corporate buyers when purchasing from new suppliers. Many of our new clients are not known by their prospects so the initial contacts is crucial. Our advertisements are made to instantly create trust and a sense of friendly familiarity. Within each advertisement, we set up the message to disarm mistrust and to create a feeling of friendly familiarity and professionalism. The friendliness and professional feel has helped our clients not only make doubtful prospects into buying customers, but also opened their market, placing them next to their most fierce competitor and bringing over their customers. The quality of a company’s advertising and marketing is a perceived indication of their success and quality of their products. Superior advertising creates a perception of superior products.

Orbit Advertising & Marketing’s strategic and creative business-to-business advertising is second to none.

We develop advertisements that attract attention with messages that create trust and inspire to purchase. We have a history of creating sales and building brands nationally and internationally. Our informative, friendly and trust-building advertising concepts reach our targets in all media through our integrated media planning. The same idea and concept can be utilized in all media; print magazines, digital publications, online videos, TV commercials, Google searches, e-mails and much more. View work for our B2B clients in our portfolio.

Below, Orbit Advertising & Marketing’s first published advertisement.

Our client was not known but when the advertisement was first published, our client’s telephone started to ring. The advertisement was developed to look completely different than anything else used in the metal manufacturing industry and it instantly created a buzz. We learned through 3rd party research that the brand recognition rocketed to the top, past brands that had dominated the industry for decades. Suddenly our client’s products were corporate buyer’s first choice within some of the world’s best known brands and largest companies.

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