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  Orbit Advertising & Marketing Inc. is a Chicago based agency specializing in identifying and defining market positions for companies and building powerful brands that can grow in highly competitive markets.   Orbit Advertising & Marketing Inc.  
  Orbit Advertising & Marketing utilizes contemporary strategies based on the latest customer insights.  
  The brand is always included in customer's purchasing decisions. When a prospect has a high perception of a brand, he or she wants the brand and is willing to pay a higher price. The brand is a complex living entity that influences customer's willingness to purchase a product.  
  Today, customers buy from the company with the brand personality that they can identify with.  
  "Personality" is the key word. We all like to do business with people we like. The same applies to brands. We like to do business with brands we like. Branding has to include complex human, cultural and socio-economical signifiers that customers can identify with. Orbit Advertising & Marketing's branded solutions are valuable for our clients as they quickly increase the brand's value in the mind of the consumer.  
  To learn how our creative solutions can help your brand grow and make you able to take market share and customers from your competitors, call Ronny Carlson at: US + 312-282-0660.  
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  Business-to-Business Communications   Consumer Marketing and Advertising  
  Our B-to-B solutions have initiated many million dollar sales contracts and repeat sales that continue year after year. Our work has helped our clients sell to some of the largest and most progressive industries and to some of the most advanced technological organizations and governmental institutions. We know how to reach and attract the attention of appropriate decision makers within our client’s customer’s organizations. We make prospects into buying customers.   Our messages are unique, as in never seen before. These messages attract attention and engage consumers while delivering memorable brand messages that changes purchasing behavior. Instead of slowly developing a brand, our solutions have an immediate impact. We get instant responses by making the target feel that there is a connection between him or her and the brand. This is achieved through entertainment and friendliness that engages the target in our marketing messages and our client's brand.  
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Orbit Advertising & Marketing Inc., 1130 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, IL 60622, Phone: 312-282-0660, E-mail: info@orbitads.com , Website: www.orbitads.com